Parents Information

Useful Information

ParentMail is an online communication system used by 5000 schools.

It has many uses but initially here at Causton we will be using it to inform parents of future events, trips, clubs, cancellations, pupil absence and general communication.  Those parents with an email address and/or mobile phone will be able to receive information via email or text rather than the traditional paper based letters which can often be lost.

This means that messages will get to parents reliably and on time.

ParentMail will save the school time and money by reducing paper usage, photocopying and phone calls to parents. The time and money saved can be used elsewhere.

A letter was sent to all Parents before the Easter holidays showing a unique code and instructions on how to register. Some parents have already registered but if you have not yet done so please do. If you have a child at both Maidstone and Causton Schools you will need to register twice, once for each school. If you have any problems registering or need any help, then please call the office and we will be happy to assist.