Our Staff

Strategic Leadership Team

Mrs Lizzie Girling Executive Headteacher
  • Child in Care Leader
  • Thrive Leader
Mrs Lucy Thompson Maidstone Head of School
  • Alternate Designated Safeguarding Leader
  • Assessment Leader
  • EVC
Mrs Julia Shaw Causton Head of School
  • Alternate Designated Safeguarding Leader
  • Assessment Leader
Miss Jess Urey Assistant Head of School
  • Alternate Designated Safeguarding Leader
  • Teaching and Learning leader
  • Pupil Premium Leader
  • Curriculum Leader
  • Young Carers Leader

Joint Staff

Mrs Lynne Friston Acting Business Manager
  • Finance
Ms Helen Brunning Pastoral Support Manager
  • Designated Safeguarding Leader
  • Attendance
Miss Amanda Fish SEND Administrator
  • SEN
Mrs Sue Bateman SEND Administrator admin
  • SEN
Mr Jack Entwistle PE coach
  • Physical Education

Maidstone Staff

Mrs Polly Collins Panther Class teacher

EY / KS1 Leader

  • English
  • Able, interested and Inspired
  • Transition
  • EAL
Mrs Liz Beck Lion Class Teacher
  • Art / DT
  • RE
Mrs Jenny Hayward Maternity Leave
  • PE
Miss Bethany Hay Tiger Class teacher
  • Computing
Miss Hannah Patterson Elephant Class Teacher
  • Maths
Mrs Maddie Veal Maternity Leave
  • Jigsaw learning
Ms Sharon Clarkson Zebra Class Teacher
  • PSHE
  • Music
Mrs Cassie Smith Beecroft Teacher
  • SEND
Mrs Andrea Clifton HLTA
  • Thrive Practitioner
Mrs Cherry Peall Panther TA
Mrs Natalie Tricker Tigers TA
Miss Linda Tyler Lions TA
Mrs Michelle Coniam Elephants TA
Mrs Sarah Flynn Zebras TA
Miss Lia Atashkhar Beecroft TA
Mrs Claire Page Beecroft TA
Mrs Louise Lee EY TA
Mrs Lisa Betts Speech TA
Office staff
Mrs Rosie Gage Office staff
Ms Connie Roberts Head MDSA
Mrs Sherrie Jackson MDSA
Mrs Jo Buckland MDSA
Mrs Dagne Raud MDSA
Mrs Jan Coniam MDSA
Mrs Nicky Lindsell MDSA
Mrs Tracy Aldous Head cook
Mrs Lorna Dalziel GSA
Mrs Keiran Eaton Caretaker
Mr Steven Algar Cleaner
Miss Jade Abbott Cleaner

Causton Staff

Miss Sam Hardy Puffins Class Teacher Humanities
Mrs Ros Hall Kingfishers Class Teacher Maths
Mrs Jo Thompson Kingfishers Class Teacher
(Thursday and Friday)
Mrs Sally Long Year 3 TA support mornings
and behaviour support/forest
schools afternoons
Forest Schools
Mrs Julie Gardiner Swans class teacher Phase leader

Forest Schools

Mr Casper Van Gameren Sparrows class teacher Science
Mrs Sam Michaels Year 3 and 4 TA support
Mrs Rebecca Marshall Year 3 and 4 TA support
Miss Adel Felgate Owls class teacher R.E and multicultural
Mrs Alicia Little Owls class teacher (Friday) Music
Mr Callum Paylor Wrens class teacher Performing arts
Mrs Sue Farthing Year 5 TA support
Mrs Helen Hockley Kestrels class teacher English
Mr Denis Keegan Eagles class teacher Physical Education

Sport Premium

Mrs Sam Carr PPA teacher -Art Art and design technology
Mrs Alison Coonan Kestrels TA support
Mrs Jane Pilcher Eagles TA support
Mrs Becky Flatman Cover support and TA
support in years 3 and 4
Mrs Charlotte Jacobs Learning Support Assistant
Miss Emma Swinn Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Connie Roberts Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Pippa Coleman Robins 1 Class teacher SEN
Mrs Helen Burns Robins 2 Class teacher
Mrs Sarah Pountney Robins class TA
Mrs Emma Perkins Robins class TA
Mrs Mel Summers Robins class TA
Mrs Sab Hussain Robins class TA
Miss Sophie Cantwell Robins class TA
Mrs Fiona Hunt Goldcrests class teacher PSHE
Mrs Belinda Gillett-Booty Goldcrests class TA
Mrs Janet Halsey Goldcrests class TA
Mrs Sarah Wheddon Learning Support Assistant Thrive Practitioner
Mrs Sam Mowatt Office staff
Mrs Katy Cook Office staff
Mrs Angela Barbrook Librarian
Mrs Denise Rowlandson Lead MDSA
Mrs Suzie Simons MDSA
Mrs Faith Myers MDSA
Mrs Rachel Ellis MDSA/cleaner
Mrs Lucy Levine MDSA/cleaner
Mrs Marcy Howieson MDSA
Mr Reece Clifton Cleaner
Mrs Ingrid Venables Cleaner
Mrs Anita Warner Head Cook
Mrs Fiona Clow Cook