Welcome to Robins Class!

Robins is a Specialist Support Centre (SSC) made up of two rooms. From September 2019 we will be organising Robins in a more holistic way, one that ensures that the educational and learning needs of the child are our prime focus.

Children will arrive at school from 8.30 am where we will welcome them into breakfast club in room 2 and provide three or four different settling in activities in room 1 each morning. We will be starting each day together by registering the children and sharing with them the structure of their day visually, verbally and individually.  All children will be taught by all staff over the course of the week and use both classrooms. We will be following the National Curriculum and link the SEND-Inspire targets to plan the individual small steps children need. We will deliver learning in a variety of ways across the morning.  All learning is punctuated with sensory breaks, this enables children to achieve their targets and build concentration.

We will be teaching children in a multi-sensory way which will be matched to their learning needs, they will be working in small groups, in pairs, as a whole class and individually.  There will always be 2-3 adults in each room, who will support interaction and learning at all times.

The key worker for your child will be either Mrs Burns or Mrs Coleman.  Mrs Burns will work with the children who are accessing the National Curriculum at an older age and Mrs Coleman, pre-key stage children and younger age.  If you have any questions with regard to your child’s key worker, please ask.

We are looking to develop a therapeutic/educational setting as we move though this academic year. This will begin with us re-assessing the children to ensure we have an accurate picture of their academic needs. We will then plan specific learning and therapeutic interventions to match your child’s needs.

From 5th September, we have put into place daily structures with clear, high expectations.  These structures and expectations will make them feel safe, which in turn will enable them to access learning.

The Robins' team is looking forward to working with your children this academic year and developing the learning opportunities we offer.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to any of us.

Pippa Coleman – Teacher, Helen Burns – Teacher

Maria Cattermole – Cover Teacher, Sophie Cantwell - Teaching Assistant

Mel Summers – Teaching Assistant, Sab Hussain – Teaching Assistant

Emma Perkins – Teaching Assistant, Sarah Pountney – Teaching Assistant

Autumn 2019

thumbnail of Robins Long Term Plan 2019 – 2020

thumbnail of Robins Timetable Autumn 2019-2020