Welcome to Lion Class!

We hope you have all had an enjoyable February half term and you are all excited to come back to school. We have got lots of new and exciting learning coming up this half term!

Our topic for the whole of the spring term is Familiar stories. This term we are going to be focusing on fairy tales, in particular Goldilocks and alternative versions! I know lots of you will know this familiar fairy-tale already but we are going to look at how different authors have re told this fairy-tale in different ways.

We are going to be really concentrating on our handwriting this half term making sure letters and numbers are formed correctly. We are also going to be making sure that our letters sit on the line. We have a lovely new handwriting chart up in the classroom and super handwriting means points on our chart so we can work towards some handwriting prizes.

Excitingly, we also have new reading books going home this half term alongside the original Oxford reading tree books. These RWI books link with the phonics your children has been learning in school. They also contain questions at the back for you to talk about with your children to ensure they understand what they have read. These books have to be read three times before a new one will be issued.

Our new school reading reward scheme is as follows

  • 20 reads at home - certificate,
  • 40 reads at home-  a bookmark
  • 80 reads at home- a book
  • 100 reads at home- a gift voucher

So keep working hard on reading as much at home as possible. Remember to include any extra reading you are completing at home as well. It all counts!

As always please feel free to come and speak to us if you have any questions about this half term or concerns and joys you ever want to share. We as always endeavour to do our best in supporting your child in this next part of their journey here at Maidstone.

Mrs Beck, Mrs Hayward and Mrs Tyler


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