Welcome to Goldcrests Class!

Our topics this term are “Ancient Maya” and “Light”.

We will be discussing and investigating key questions and showing our findings in different ways such as posters, power points and speech bubbles. In Science we will be investigating light and how we see objects with our eyes. We will be finding out about different light sources and whether objects and materials are opaque, transparent or translucent. We will be looking at how light can be reflected and refracted, and how shadows can be made and altered.

In History we are finding out about the Ancient Mayan civilization in Central America. We will look at their homes, clothes, food and gods. Most of our art and D&T is topic related.

We will continue identifying different emotions and learning and exploring good ways to regulate strong emotions. We will be exploring a range of sensory experiences in Sensory Circuits and Hand gym every morning.

In literacy we will be taking part in daily speaking and listening, opportunities and writing/typing for a variety of different purposes. All activities are personalised to the level and interests of each child but is in line with the National Curriculum. We are really encouraging reading in Goldcrests, both for independent enjoyment or reading 1-1 to an adult. We have a variety of books in our class that particularly interest the children and regularly visit the school library to restock our reading corner with information books and story books.

In maths we are learning to measure accurately in cm and metres, grams and m in practical ways both inside and outside. We will then move onto finding fractions of objects and quantities. We will continue to practice our times tables and counting.

We like our successes being celebrated and shared on See-saw and earning our Wow certificates.

Austin our friendly Therapy Dog friend will still be visiting every other Tuesday morning. He likes hearing us read to him and joins in with our sofa time sessions.

If you have any questions please ask 🙂

Mrs Hunt – class teacher

Mrs Goldberg – TA (full time)

Mrs Halsey- TA (mornings)

Goldcrests are reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. We have discussions about new and interesting words and talk about how the characters are feeling.

We painted Australian landmarks..can you tell which one?

thumbnail of Australia knowledge organiser – Spring Term

thumbnail of Knowledge Organiser- Properties and changes of Materials