Welcome to Elephant Class!

We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas break and you are all excited to come back to
school. I am very excited to get back to work and continue to see all your wonderful learning taking

We have lots of fun things planned for you and we even have a Theatre company coming in the first
week back to start our topic in an exciting way.

Our topics for the spring term are ‘Favourite Stories – Old and New’ and Spring Celebrations and we
will spend time learning all about these stories and celebrations in lots of fun and interesting ways.
We will be learning lots of different stories throughout our topic and exploring these texts in a
variety of ways.

We hope you are enjoying seeing your child’s learning taking place on Target Tracker Link. If you
need any help with your Target Tracker Link please speak to myself, Ms Coniam or the office.

In Elephant class we love reading and it would be great if you could share that love for reading at
home with your child as well. Their school reading books are great but also reading in your daily life,
sign posts, recipes and menus, anything you can.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Ms
Coniam. We will do our best to help and support you. We are looking forward to continuing our
exciting year with you!

Miss H Patterson

Spring 2020

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