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Our Schools are working alongside Suffolk County Council to develop additional specialist education places. Across Suffolk there is a shortfall of specialist places available. This can mean that some pupils have to be educated away from their local communities.

As part of a SEND capital programme an additional 168 new specialist placements will be available for children and their families across Suffolk from September 2020. This is on top of existing specialist provision. Suffolk County Council has undertaken a commissioning process, where by schools who were interested, provided information on how the Unit would be run and supported by the School. Schools who were successful in this process, like ours, are currently working with the council to ensure the appropriate infrastructure and support is in place to enable these new units to be open in September 2020. These places will be offered as part of a dedicated Unit, with specially trained staff. It will give more children the opportunity to be educated in their community, closer to home. The funding for capital works to our School is being provided by Suffolk County Council.


Maidstone and Causton School aims to treat all stakeholders, including pupils, prospective pupils, staff, governors and other members of the school community favourably and, wherever possible, take reasonable steps to avoid placing anyone at a substantial disadvantage. The school aims to work closely with disabled pupils, their families and any relevant outside agencies in order to remove or minimise any potential barriers to learning, which puts them at a disadvantage, but allows them to learn, achieve and participate fully in school life. The school is active in promoting positive attitudes to disabled people in the school and in planning to increase access to education for all disabled pupils. As part of the school’s continued communication with parents, carers and other stakeholders we continually look at ways to improve accessibility.

Accessibility Plan 09 2020

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SEND School Information

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