Enjoy and become a successful learner who:

Enjoys learning and develops an enquiring mind

Are motivated, confident and independent learners

Has research and problem solving skills


Achieve and become a confident individual who:

Can form and maintain relationships and work independently or in a team

Are aware of their strengths and areas to develop

Can set themselves goals and work to fulfil their potential

Take risks and can feel a sense of achievement

Has self-esteem

Can deal with change and uncertainty


Thrive and become a valued member of British society:

Have a voice, join in and feel valued

Is aware of and is able to express their own feelings and has empathy for the feelings of others

Behaves responsibly

Is aware of their rights

Takes pride in their own culture and is able to respect the culture of others

Make informed choices about health, relationships and behaviour

Are treated as unique and individual citizens

Is able to reflect on experiences which are personal and full of wonder