Puffins’ Learning Spring 2020

Our book in English this half term has been Moon Man. In our English lessons, the children wrote fantastic poems about the moon using fantastic vocabulary. Here are a few examples:

Moon Is

Moon is pearly pearly.

Moon is like a cold ghost orbiting round space.

Moon is a sheet of a collasal rock.

Moon is huge and pale.

Moon is like a snowy ball from far far away.

Moon is as bright like a star up above the sky.

Moon is enormous and round not making a sound.

Moon is a silver sphere and round.

Moon is as bright as a light bulb.

but mostly moon is a ghost carrier. 

Logan Taylor

Moon Is

Moon is bright bright

Moon is

High,high, high 

In the sky.

Moon is

Further,further, further away.

Moon is

awake at night,

shimmery and bright.

It is huge in my eyes,t

Iny in theres.

But mostly

moon is

seen at night.

Olivia Stockdale 

In science, the children have been learning about rocks, particularly focusing on the different types as well as how fossils are formed. The children learnt the story of a fossil, putting actions to it and then made one themselves. The children really enjoyed fossilising a dog biscuit and following the process. 

Finally, in music the children have learnt a new song by Bob Marley. Although it was not the children’s usual style, they thoroughly enjoyed listening, learning and performing the song. The children did an excellent job performing in our class assembly too!