Year 5: Rainforest Homework Project

In the summer term Year 5 will be learning all about the rainforest. Therefore, we would like you to carry out some research and find some interesting facts about the rainforest which you could share with your teachers and class when you return to school after the Easter holidays.

Below are some useful websites to help you research:

It is up to you how you would like to present your research. Below is a list of ideas for your project:

  • An impressive poster with lots of colour, facts and interesting pictures/diagrams.
  • A model of a certain aspect of the rainforest.
  • A piece of writing (a rainforest story which includes facts or a newspaper report about a visit to the rainforest based on the knowledge you have gained through research).

We will be displaying your projects for all in school to see so be as creative and imaginative as you can.

We are looking forward to receiving your projects on Wednesday 24th April.