Spring Term in Goldcrests

We are already enjoying a busy Spring Term in Goldcrests.

We have literacy and numeracy Target Time in the mornings, and can choose our own activity when we have finished our set tasks.

We are learning to identify our emotions and feelings using the Zones of Regulation, and learning how help ourselves get back to feeling calm and happy again if we have become anxious or angry.

In the afternoons we have fun, creative, cross curricular activities. In Science we are learning about our bodies- from our skeletons and vital organs, to our digestive system. We have made life-size cut outs of our bodies and labelled them with our bones and vital organs. Next we will be finding out more about our vital organs and the important jobs that they do.

In History, we are learning about the Stone Age. We have built models of stone-age houses and are now learning about what Stone Age people wore, ate and did in their everyday lives.

In Geography, we are looking at the countries which make up the UK, Europe and Africa.

On Thursday morning, we have P.E. in the hall where we enjoy creating parkour circuits and developing our ball skills. We also have art with Mrs Carr, our art teacher and use a range of different media and techniques.

Our families can see photos of what we have achieved in class with our Seesaw app. We really like it when our families are proud of us and write comments back again.